Palliative and Spiritual Care  Education

Testimonials - End of Life and Grief Support

Gentle Journey says it all.  As an end-of-life and grief supporter, Brenda has a unique gift of really listening

  to people, combined with wisdom and empathy to help them in their journey. I am most grateful to her. [LF]

Brenda is amazing as an educator and end-of-life support and resource person.  As a nurse who works in the home with palliative clients, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with Brenda.  She brings a calmness to stressful and often chaotic situations.   Brenda has been invaluable in helping families complete the "circle of life" when it has been   a struggle to let go.

                                                                                                                                                                     Barb Boniface RN

I have known Brenda for over nine years: as a hospice volunteer, as an educator,  and as a member of the Campbell River End of Life Steering Committee.  Brenda has taught me the power of "presence."  Her gifts are in her ability to listen and attend to issues that are most important for the individual.   She is respectful, calm, and supportive without being intrusive.  I turn to Brenda for her wisdom on end-of-life issues. You can speak freely with Brenda knowing she will listen and correctly guide you through your pain or grief.


                                                                                                                                                                                        Susan McCormac RN, BSN, CHPCN(c)

Brenda is so kind, so gentle, and so very thoughtful.  I felt very fragile going into the sessions, but Brenda made me feel secure and she   was  extremely considerate and helpful  in managing my grief. Brenda focused considerably on the spiritual aspects of my loss and   gave me guidance to continue on with my life.  I knew that what was said during our meetings was confidential so I felt comfortable     in being open and forthright.  Brenda truly has a gift for dealing with grief management in a most gentle and understanding way and   is able to achieve wonderful results. [ND]


I appreciate your help more than you know. Thank you for being there. And know that you are making a difference, every day,      in people's lives - like my own. [MJ]

Gentle Journey is a most appropriate name for Brenda's services. I was the beneficiary of her gentle, caring approach about seven   years ago.  Brenda had noticed me in the hospital waiting room.  I was slightly distraught, as I had just had a traumatizing visit in the     the Intensive Care Unit [ICU].  She sensed that I needed a listening, comforting, non-judgmental ear. She generously gave me a few   hours of her time.  Brenda walked me back to my car when she knew that I was okay.  Over the years, I have referred others to     her very special ministry, even before Gentle Journey was created.  May Brenda be blessed as she continues to serve others. [LF]

Brenda's compassionate care and teaching made my grief easier to bear.  

  She used skill, knowledge and offered hope to our faith based group.  

  My friend, who has a serious illness, is allowing Brenda to walk with her on her journey.

  What a positive difference she makes in our lives.  [ML]